About Us

This open initiative aims to bring different stakeholders and partners together to help make Lithium-ion batteries more sustainable by fostering reuse in secondary applications. We hope this will help to increase the reuse rate with positive implications for the environment and people.


Lithium-ion batteries (e.g. from consumer electronics, industrial batteries and especially electric mobility) in many cases still have enough “life” (or technically speaking “State of Health”) left after they are not usable enough in their original application. However, they are useful in a “second” life as a stationary energy storage system for lower power applications, e.g., storing solar energy. Reusing those batteries is in many cases (not all!) highly useful instead of recycling them directly.

However, reusing Lithium-ion batteries from various applications is not an easy and straightforward topic. It has quite a range of challenges across technology, supply chain, legal challenges, economic constraints and reverse logistics. 

The focus of this intitiatve will be on contributing with its members towards research on battery reuse and on practical projects implemented in various regions of the world.

This is a non-profit project and explicitly open to partners across research community, companies, NGOs and individual contributors.  We will evolve this platform further in the upcoming months, so stay tuned! In the meanwhiile please contact us if you are interested to contribute here and have ideas to bring in. 


Nunam is dedicated to work on technologies for reusing lithium-ion batteries into energy storage sytems. It is based in Germany and has done some work on reusing batteries over the past two years in India. Nunam is supported by the Audi Environmental Foundation.

The Audi Environmental Foundation is focussed on supporting “Greenovation” initiatives around the world since 10+ years, which are basically technology based solutions that have positive impact on the environment. It has deep roots in supporting innovation, researching and education related projects and is supporting Nunam since its early days.

The Technical University of Berlin, Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Julia Kowal has many years of research experience on battery reuse of lithium-ion batteries with a strong emphasis on consumer electronics batteries, e.g. from Laptops.

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